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Looks like there is heaps of board game projects currently running on kickstarter. Here's a few that caught my eye  
1643 Days Ago
1669 Days Ago
I know exactly how he feels. Probably shouldn't have said to the wife "this is the single greatest thing to ever happen to me
1673 Days Ago
Ah, beaten to the punch on the robotech one! My buddy lost his shit over that one too. As he put it "his boyhood dream come t
1674 Days Ago
I lost my s#1t when I saw this one. I'm a huge robotech fan and can not wait to get my hands on this. Sorry if the links don'
1675 Days Ago
We're going to need a bigger game....
1676 Days Ago
i'll be there for SATURDAY :)
1677 Days Ago
Yup! Game night at Jason's on Saturday night. Come visit the facebook group for details:  
1677 Days Ago
Any gaming over the next few days?
1677 Days Ago
I'm game. I'll also have legends of andor for any looking to have a go of that.
1686 Days Ago
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